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ACC in 2019: July

As ACC in 2019 nears its end, Starlight’s first arc draws to a close, a somewhat spoilery short story offers a glimpse at ACC 20/20, and my series ranking every project in the MCU continues. Stick with me as Electric/Eccentric’s new content chugs along through the heat of the Summer, and continue to experience some wild, wonderful worlds!

  1. Monday, July 1st- “Below” (Micro Story)

  2. Monday, July 8th- “Ranking the MCU” (Opinion)

  3. Thursday, July 11th- “Issue #5: Starlight” (Starlight)

  4. Monday, July 15th- “Poison” (Poem)

  5. Monday, July 22nd- “Ranking the MCU” (Opinion)

  6. Thursday, July 25th- “Chapter IV: Uncle Sam” (Anna, Farmer)

  7. Monday, July 29th- “Starlight Annual #1: Starlight” (Starlight)

  8. Wednesday, July 31st- “ACC in 2019: August” (ACC in 2019 Inventory)

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