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EXCLUSIVE: Selbrede and Gilbey set ‘Hurt’ for 2023.

Liam Gilbey (left) and C.M. Selbrede (right) unite to pen a unique new comedy-drama tackling mental health.

Relic may be coming in 2022, but that’s not the end of ACC Pub Ink’s foray into amateur webseries… The Electric/Eccentric is thrilled to officially announce that Hurt, a 7-episode quirky comedy-drama is entering pre-production, helmed by Craig Selbrede with scripts from Selbrede and Liam Gilbey.

‘Hurt’ follows the complex friendship of two recent college graduates as they plan for their own deaths. It is most likely set to release in 2023.

“I am so excited for the world to see the work Liam and I have done to tell an utterly unique story about mental illness” Selbrede said. “‘Hurt’ is a powerful, hilarious, heartstopping story about life and death and everything in between.”

Casting is currently underway for the series leads. Filming is set to begin and end in the Summer of 2022. As with all webseries, especially with the current health crisis, Hurt’s production is not guaranteed… but, according to Selbrede, “we’re in a good place.”

For more information about ‘Hurt’, keep an eye on @accpubink and the Electric/Eccentric.

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