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New Channel: ACC Cinematic!


Now on YouTube, check out my brand new channel, ACC Cinematic! If any of you remember The Creative Company, ACC Cinematic (or AC3 for short) fills that niche, covering ACC news, showing the upcoming two webseries, and featuring Self-Shame, my series of sketch comedy vlogs debuting now!

The channel launches with four original videos:

  1. Welcome to ACC Cinematic, a short video giving a rundown on the channel and what it does,

  2. Breaking Down ACC 2018, a video analysis and update on the projects teased as part of the ACC 2018 publishing initiative, including exclusive footage from two,

  3. This Isn’t Socrates’ Notes, the first sketch comedy vlog under Self-Shame, describing some of my experiences at “Nerd Camp” over the Summer, and…

  4. The first trailer for two, the upcoming scifi webseries airing only on AC3!

If you were subscribed to TCC, your subscription will carry over to AC3. If not, stop by, check out some of our videos… hopefully you’ll enjoy one or two, and consider subbing. The channel is linked at the top of this post.

Thanks for your time!


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