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Poem: 21 Lines Off the Coast

  1. A lighthouse casts starlight across the harbor.

  2. A young boy drinks some as he rows.

  3. The stars taste like fire, though they look like ice. They buzz like flies, and are soft to the touch. They smell like lavender.

  4. To the boy, they definitely sound fragrant.

  5. He hides the star as Mike from that nearby McDonald’s walks by.

  6. Tonight, Mike will find solace in a needle and a plastic baggie.

  7. Though the solace will come with the price of a singed soul.

  8. And burned McNuggets tomorrow.

  9. This burnt nugget will cause the end of the world on April Fool’s Day.

  10. “Like starving people, just laying there…. Starving…”

  11. The golden hand of destiny has forgotten its place.

  12. It chills the icy shards of sand littering the beach.

  13. It’s enough to make a rich man lie down and die.

  14. Chuck watches this from the Bed and Breakfast window.

  15. This gets the attention of a newlywed passing by.

  16. She will die tomorrow, and be forgotten. It is her greatest Fear.

  17. This will make the sad happy man finally understand chimichangas.

  18. “Il etait fatigue.”

  19. What you breathe may never fully leave.

  20. All of this is told to the boy by the sky.

  21. He hears none of it, for he is lost in the light of her eyes.

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