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Poem: Family


My father:

Thinks like a ticking analog clock, taking time apart with slow, methodical hands.

Works like a cornerstone, standing tall despite the way the earth shifts and moves.

Loves like a dancing dolphin, watching sunlight from below as it hits the waves.

My mother:

Works like a canary, singing in the coal mine though she sees no light.

Cares like a tempest, moving heaven and other to ease her children’s pain.

Loves like a lion, fighting onward with passion no matter how the odds may lay.

My sister:

Cares like a shadow, Standing by through your darkest days to help hold you up.

Explores like a soaring owl, looking for movement in the darkness which consumes all else.

Loves like an open window, letting light stream forth at the break of day.

My sister:

Explores like a hungry bear, searching for the last fragrant flower at the end of Spring.

Thinks like a tall oak, seeking knowledge like sunlight to war, her restless leaves.

Loves like a soldier, standing guard against the hungering demons she fights to keep at bay.

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