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Poem: Fluffynose Almondtail

This poem was written in 2012, during 6th Grade.


Fluffynose Almondtail was a small, tan squirrel

He slept in a tree hollow on top of a hill

He spent his days searching for a small, brown nut

And utterly despised all canine mutts.

Fluffynose Almondtail enjoyed maple sap at tea time

He’d serve his meals with care on a shiny silver dime

He refused to eat pumpernickel, to eat pumpernickel any time

He was well-educated, and would invite local chipmunks to dine.

Fluffynose Almondtail loved climbing trees

He wore small, rough acorncaps to protect his knees

You would never catch him without his lovely twill coat

And on his extensive collection of nutcrackers he would dote.

Fluffynose Almondtail went to sleep at seven

He would never allow honored guests to stay past eleven

He was interested in astronomy, and woke up at one

To watch the stars, and then the rising sun.

To Fluffynose Almondtail the sun was a sign

Of hope, and prosperity, and that everything was fine

As the sun lit the hollow and covered the bay

Fluffynose Almondtail already loved that day.

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