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Poem: The Truth

Written in 2016.


I didn’t mean to do it, honestly.

It kind of happened without me intending.

But I guess that intentions don’t mean much,

In the end. Not really.

The fact is that I did it and it hurt everyone else.

I dug the words into myself and everyone else suffered.

My pain should be my own to bear.

It belongs to me, you see.

I don’t intend to force the world to be my cheerleaders.

I apologize for doing so. Because

Now I have made you all pretend to prop my ego

And that seems like a jerky thing to do.

(I know you’ll say it isn’t, that doesn’t mean its true).

((I didn’t mean to make those last two lines rhyme. It just happens sometimes.))

(((Dammit! There we go again)))

I’ve gone off topic now, but lets just pretend, that I like this poem.

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