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Poem: What Are You Wearing Today?


Thanks for asking, great question.

This is a 6’2″ mixed-race suit designed by God back in 1999… embellished with some scars and wear and tear for personality. It’s growing on me.

The eyes are brown but a little heavy, weighed down by the years. I haven’t had to replace them them yet, which is something I guess.

Anyway, it’s an okay piece, all I could find, really.  It’s just the surface layer. Beneath it I’m wearing some more personal things, like the chains of regret I’ve forged over the years. They’re a little heavy, but the cold bothers me much more. They’re colder than ice.

The chains go well with a few memories I keep tucked underneath my clavicle, close to my heart. They flicker and they fade but they can warm me, sometimes. They keep me from freezing in this thin outfit.

I didn’t choose any of this. But if I have to wear it, I guess I’ll wear it with pride.

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