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Short Story: While You Were Out

Written September 2015.


“Number twelve. You have to do something….please I don’t know how much longer I can hold out against the warp.” Beep! Message deleted.

“Number one. Hello, I’m very sorry to disturb you but I’m afraid that my life is in danger. My name is Dr. Hunter Syhmjion, and this may be hard to believe but I am a scientist from CalTech. Recently, we created something, incredible—”  Beep! Message deleted.

“Number three. –and now, we’re caught in the warp. We need a way to get home, some sort of beacon, and you’re our only hope” Beep! Message deleted.

Number ten. We’re waiting, sir or madame…” Beep! Message deleted.

“Number two. — a time machine. After a few years of successfully testing it on various rats and mice, we determined it was a feasible object for human test subjects. My colleagues, Jeremiah and Tarrah, were eager to take on this endeavor alongside me. But our machine malfunctioned—” Beep! Message deleted.

“Number six. Please, you have to listen. I have children, and I was supposed to be home for Zoe’s fifth birthday, and Tarrah’s wedding is in only two days… it’s really quite simple— ” Beep! Message deleted.

“Number eleven. Its been several days and we still need your help. It is imperative you follow the instructions given.” Beep! Message deleted.

“Number four. We had a phone connected to the era we came from, but it is glitching so that it seems to be calling an unfamiliar number. This, coupled with our weak service, means your messages should be arriving in broken pieces.” Beep! Message deleted.

“Number eight. The coordinates are 66 22 3 2 3 4 5 99. You need to send them to the number 343 212 3443. Does that make sense?” Beep! Message deleted.

“Number nine. We’ve connected to your phone, but you need to send those coordinates ASAP. Come on, we’re counting on you.” Beep! Message deleted.

“Number seven. In order to save us, we need to be able to establish a connection with your time via the telephone waves we are sending to you.” Beep! Message deleted.

“Number five. But this is the important part—there is one thing you must not do if we are to be able to establish our connection. You must not delete any of these messages.”

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