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Starlight #13: Bloodbound

Starlight is a series I started writing for fun in 2016, written in the “style” of a comic book.  As such, this is not my best writing, but it’s something I had fun doing.

Nala’s car pulls up to another mansion, huge, well-decorated. As Cad, Hunter, and Nala get out of the car, Castor approaches from his home.

Cas: Nala.

Nala: Cassie.

Castor and Nala embrace. She steps back and jerks her head towards Cad and Hunter.

Nala: This is Cadmus. That’s Humphrie.

Hunter: Hunter.

Nala: Right.

Cas: Nice to meet you.

He shakes their hands.

Cas: Friends from school?

Cad: Kinda.

Cas: Kinda?

Cad and Hunter exchange a look, uncertain how much they should be sharing. Nala cuts in.

Nala: Thank you for buzzing us in.

Cas: No problem. It’s always good to see you. But, if you don’t mind me asking, what brings you and your friends here?

Nala: Mal’s murder.

Cas frowns.

Cas: That thing wasn’t Mal.

Nala: Well whatever that thing was… they brought it to your house.

Cas: Wait… what?

We cut to Parker’s house, where he and Eliza are getting Millie settled in an armchair.

Millie: Th-thank you.

Eliza: Of course.

Parker: No problem. Can we get you anything else? Water? Food?

Millie (Bitterly): Like I’d eat anything in this–

She catches herself.

Millie: I’m… sorry.

Eliza: It’s totally fine. What you’re going through…

She hesitates.

Eliza: What you saw…

Millie looks away.

Parker: Yeah, what did you see?

Eliza: Parker!

Millie: I… I…

A tear trickles down her cheek.

Millie: I can’t.

Parker: Oh, um, sorry.

Millie: I can’t, I can’t I–

Eliza: Woah, woah, it’s okay…

Eliza hugs Millie as Parker shrinks back.

Millie (Quietly): He’s gone. He’s really gone.

We return to the others as they enter the DuPont mansion.

Cas: I don’t understand. The servants saw my parents take the body?

Nala: They did.

Cas: Why would they do that?

Hunter: Well, what do your parents do? I’ve never heard of them, and you seem pretty well off.

Cas shrugs.

Cas: They’re doctors.

Cad (Narration): Helpful.

Cad: What kind of doctors?

Cas: I… can’t talk about that. My parents’ research is very sensitive–

Nala: You don’t know, do you?

Cas: …I have my suspicions.

He stops.

Cas: What are you expecting to find here?

Nala: We need to see the body.

Cas: Even if we could find that, what qualifies you to even do that?

Nala: No one else is even trying to figure out what happened, Cas. That doesn’t bother you?

Cas: If what you say is true, my parents are.

Nala: They’re researchers, not detectives.

Cas: And you are?

Nala: Tell me, Cas… have you ever known me to turn away from a mystery?

Cas sighs.

Cas: I’ll take you to their lab.

Cad: Are you sure?

Cas looks over at Cad with something like surprise.

Cas: Of course. Mal and Millie may not have been as close to me as Nala, but… they were still like family. If you can find out what happened…?

Hunter: We can.

Nala: And we will.

We return to Parker’s house, where Millie is watching ballet on the TV. Eliza and Parker watch her from afar, curious.

Eliza: She seems… better.

Parker: Maybe she’s ready to give us some answers.

Eliza: I doubt that.

Parker: …Yeah, me too.

Eliza and Parker regard each other somewhat awkwardly.

Eliza: I’ve never been to your house, before. Even when Cad and I dated.

Parker: I know.

Eliza: It’s nice.

Parker: Trust me, it isn’t.

Eliza flinches as if stung.

Eliza: You keep watching Millie, okay? I need to use the bathroom.

Parker: Sure.

Eliza steps into the bathroom. As she does so, a shadow flickers behind her in the mirror.

Creature: Eliza…

We return to Cadmus and the others as they arrive in a high-tech laboratory. It is clean, sterile, and empty.

Hunter: Woah. It’s so…

Cad: Creepy.

Cas: Excuse me?

Nala: Don’t mind him. Caddie’s had some bad experiences in laboratories as of late.

Cas: Well, this is it. No body.

Hunter: It’s not like they would just leave it out.

Cas: You’re saying you think its hidden somewhere here?

Hunter: I mean, probably.

Something catches Cad’s eye. He moves carefully to the other side of the lab, where a filing cabinet sits locked.

Cad: This looks older than everything else here.

Nala: Cad?

Cad: Almost like it was built before everything else.

Gingerly, Cad tugs at the filing cabinet. He pulls a drawer open and, across the room, a door becomes visible, shelves moving to reveal it.

Hunter: Woah.

Nala: Hm.

She strides up the door, which has a keypad next to it.

Cas: Geez…

Nala: Cassie darling, what’s your birthday?

Cas: May 7, 1999. But no way that’s the–

The door slides open.

Cas: Code.

Nala: Of course it wasn’t.

She looks up.

Nala: It was your birthday backward.

Nala steps into the room. The boys watch her, stunned.

Cad: She’s kind of scary sometimes.

Cas: No kidding.

Cad: Let’s see what we have here.

Cut back to Parker as he sits down next to Millie on the house.

Parker: Uh… hey.

There’s silence.

Parker: You a big dance person?

Millie: …I love it.

Nervously, she turns to look at Parker.

Millie: Dancing, acting… they’re my favorite things in the world.

Parker: Really?

Millie: Yeah. I’ve actually had a recurring role on some TV shows.

Parker: Dude, that’s so cool.

Millie: …Thanks.

She hesitates.

Millie: Want to… watch some, with me?

Parker: …I’d love to.

We return to the mansion, where the other half of Team Starlight and Castor emerge in a small, cramped room. A computer monitor is in the corner, which Hunter makes a beeline to.

Nala: How long until your parents finish their call with the company?

Cas: No clue.

Nala: So, any moment.

Cas: Basically.

Cad approaches the shocked, decompsing body of the alien. He flinches somewhat.

Cad: He looks surprised.

Cas: I know the feeling.

Cad: Hunter, can you get into the system?

Hunter: It’s coded to certain users. But maybe…

They turn to Cas.

Nala: Well, worth a shot.

Cas places a hand on the computer, and it beeps.

Computer: User: Castor Hector DuPont. Approved.

Cas: …Wow.

He steps aside and lets Hunter get to the computer.

Nala: Anything?

Hunter: …Weirdly, yeah. It doesn’t look like they’ve cut into him at all yet but they already have his DNA on file. And some notes.

Cad: Notes?

Hunter: A location.

He looks up.

Hunter: Have any of you heard of Littleville, Kansas?

Just then, Nala’s phone rings. She frowns.

Nala: It’s Holly.

Cas: The Emmens’ housekeeper?

Nala answers.

Nala: Hello?

Holly: Nala, thank Goodness. It’s Mr. Emmens…

We cut to Holly peeking around the corner at Mr. Emmens, who is holding an alien-looking gun.

Holly: I think he’s been replaced.

Next: Super-Weird!

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