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The battle has been won, but the war rages on-- and in order to find the secret to defeating the Soldiers of Sorrow once and for all, it's up to John and Violet to journey beyond the Mountains of Mystery for the first time in thousands of years. (Well, there was that one expedition but they all died horribly so it really doesn't count.) John and Violet, joined by a host of allies and enemies old and new, will find themselves tested as never before in this strange and wild beyond. But with John high on a power which he doesn't understand, one which seemingly brought him back from death, and Violet crippled by a loss of faith, it may be up to some new heroes to take center stage in this thrilling tale of change, self-discovery, and truth.

The Valley Chronicles: Quest (Paperback)

$26.99 Regular Price
$16.99Sale Price
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