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Behind the Camera: Development

Behind the Camera is an exclusive behind the scenes look at the production of Cedric Clarke and the Unsettling Dark, a scifi webseries coming to YouTube in 2020.

Development began in mid-2019, around the time when two Season 2 began to fizzle out. I approached Gus Scanlon about showrunning a series with me during Short Term 2019, and he agreed. As we began to plot out a loose timeline, I posted to a Bates Artists Facebook page in search of more creators for development. It was there that I was approached by Alex Teplitz, who would shortly become our third showrunner.

Over the Summer, Gus was too busy to develop anything, so development went essentially on hold around this time. Alex and I had some unofficial chats, where she floated some loose ideas… including the idea which would become Cedric Clarke: “What if somebody died and was forced to solve their own murder?”

I took this idea and developed a loose concept, combining it with another idea of mine I’d tentatively developed and creating “Izaac Clarke & the Unsettling Dark”. Gus pointed out that Izaac Clarke was a character in a video game, so Izaac became Cedric, but the idea stuck and, when Gus stepped back from the project in Fall Term 2019, became the official basis for the webseries.

It’s around here that my memory of Development becomes somewhat murky. However, I do know that Alex was abroad in Ireland and so further development fell squarely upon my shoulders. I came up with the characters and wrote rough drafts of the first three episodes before stepping back to consider what I had created.

Recognizing we needed some help, Alex posted to various Facebook groups in search of more people for the webseries. Some people stuck, others didn’t, but it was then that two important people entered production: Henri Emmet and Olivia Dimond. They would transform Development into Pre-Production with their ideas and much-needed aid.

In February: Pre-Production!

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