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ACC ’21

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It’s been an eventful year. A lot has changed for everyone, myself included, but I’m privileged enough to be coming at you with a slate of new reveals and teases for the new year. Probably not a lot of surprises, but a lot of interesting stuff that will hopefully pique your interest.

Before I begin, I want to acknowledge the elephant in the room… ACC Pub Ink’s shifting focus. When it began, this initiative was all about promoting and exploring the worlds of my novels. While I do still have some things cooking in the Blue Division, the focus has definitely shifted to our film and media division (Pink). You’ll definitely see that in the slew of upcoming announcements.

purple division

First up, a progress report on ACC Pub Ink’s Purple division, which handles web content.

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Electric/Eccentric will be returning with brand new content in 2021! If you haven’t noticed the logo at the top of this blog, E/E is this blog. It’s been on an “off-season” for much of 2020, but it will soon be returning with brand new content, including…

  1. Starlight – My psuedo-comic book series about an amnesiac superhero will return with new issues! To catch up, look for the “Starlight” tag on this blog!

  2. Anna, Farmer – My irreverent children’s book about a girl and her farm will return with new chapters! To catch up, look for the “Anna, Farmer” tag on this blog!

  3. Some new features I’ll announce when I announce the return of Electric/Eccentric’s on-season…

  4. Alongside a slew of poetry, memoirs, short stories, and more!

Pink Division

2021 will be the busiest year yet for ACC Pub Ink’s Pink Division. Please note that what follows is a list of projects In Development, and while some are farther along than others, none of them are guaranteed until I announce a premiere date!

The following projects are in production or the late stages of pre-production…

Relic concept art

  1. Cedric Clarke & the Unsettling Dark was unable to complete filming due to the global outbreak of COVID-19. However, the cast and crew will be reuniting this upcoming break to record the missing scenes over Zoom, which will then be edited together with any completed scenes. Look out for more information, along with the release of an official premiere date. Right now I expect Cedric Clarke to arrive sometime in Q1 2021. As a reminder, Cedric Clarke follows a young man who is forced to investigate his own murder.

  2. Relic is a five-part fantasy webseries filmed and set in Norwich, UK where I would’ve studied abroad if not for the coronavirus. Filming commences in 2021. Unlike my other webseries, Relic will premiere on a separate YouTube channel as it is a co-production with Unthank Productions, the Filmmaking Society of the University of East Anglia. Relic follows Rory Raines, a young woman bonded to the soul of a dragon. I’ve learned so much working with my new British friends, and while this is my first project which I won’t be showrunning, I have the utmost confidence in the new executive producers, Henry Webb and Idunn Marthinsen.

The following projects are in development or the early stages of pre-production:

  1. Relic: New World is my most ambitious project to date: A two-season limited series set in the same world as Relic, New World follows a magical creature as they embark on a journey of self-discovery. New World’s two seasons are expected to film in Summer 2021, and the series will premiere on ACC Cinematic sometime after Relic‘s first season is released. I’m really excited about this one, I have a great team assembled and some really fun ideas.

  2. W5 is my codename for a small-scale webseries which may or may not be produced I’m developing based on an idea of Olivia Dimond’s. It’s a short mystery set at Bates College, and it would likely film sometime in the 2021-22 school year. I can’t say much more about it!

Speaking of secrets, I have a podcast in the works. Even compared to most of my projects, this one is precarious, so I really can’t say more. As soon as I have an idea of whether or not this one is doable, I’ll let you guys know. If it does work, however, I will be a very happy Craig.

I have one final project under Pink Division…

  1. The Clubhouse is a series of Zoom readings simulating a mockumentary sitcom of mine loosely based on my high school experience. It’s laugh out loud funny, and has a lot of heart, and we’ve recorded at least one episode for your enjoyment (Episode 3!). We still are figuring out how many of the scripts we want to produce, and how often these Zoom recordings will be released, but at the very least, Episode 3 will drop January 8, 2021 at 7 PM.

If that’s not enough for you, well, I don’t know what to tell you.

Blue Division

Finally, we have what was once the heart of ACC Pub Ink. I’ll be honest, 2021 isn’t looking particularly fertile when it comes to my books… my self-publishing platform being weird coupled with my focus on the Pink Division has really slowed down work on The Outsiders Club, which was announced… God, I think like three or four years ago? If I continue to have a block on TOC I’ll start work on a different novel, which will hopefully be added to my 2022 offerings.

And that’s all she wrote! Obviously, there’s a lot to do and several things that remain uncertain, but I promise I’ll get dates to you all as soon as I have a better idea of how things are going. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a safe holiday season!


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