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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Hurt’ Renewed for special episodes in 2023

Craig Selbrede (left) is returning as showrunner and star of the award-winning dramedy series ‘Hurt’ for two special episodes set to air in 2023.

Ahead of the Season 1 premiere of Hurt, the eclectic mental health dramedy developed by Craig Selbrede and Liam Gilbey has been renewed for two additional episodes, bringing the series order to nine total episodes. (The first four episodes of the series will be released as Part 1 in November, and the latter 3 as Part 2 in January).

“The critical response to Hurt from the film festival circuit has been thrilling to say the least,” Selbrede reveals. “So, while we aren’t ready to commit to a full second season yet, continuing the story seemed really natural and luckily, Liam was down to craft something really clever and fresh for the specials.”

While details on the specials are scarce, Selbrede could confirm more details about the cast and crew. Returning for Chapters Eight and Nine alongside Selbrede and Gilbey is Alvin Edwards III as Fin Snell, who took on the role of Fin following the departure of Anthony Phelps in June 2022 and will continue in a “Main” capacity. Julia Watson, who plays Sara Scriven, will feature as a guest actor in the specials, which will be directed by returning directors Gavin Matthew and Anastaisia Brady, respectively. Sonia Forcada, who acted as co-showrunner for the initial seven episodes, will not be returning, and there are currently no immediate plans to see more of series regulars April Valentine, Kyra Radomsky, Jessica Yin, and Livisha Renee.

“There are a few reasons for the turnover we’re seeing” Selbrede explains. “Mostly it came down to scheduling, but also, we saw an opportunity to create something really insular and personal for Stone and Fin with these two specials. They immediately follow the powerful Season 1 finale, and they take the story in some really interesting directions.”

Selbrede confirmed that the search has begun for several new series regulars. “You’ll see some fresh faces, for sure,” he relates. “Staying tight lipped on that until casting wraps. But, you know, we’ll see some new things.”

‘Hurt’ follows the complex friendship of two recent college graduates as they plan for their own deaths.

For more information about ‘Hurt’, keep an eye on @accpubink @hurtwebseries and the Electric/Eccentric.

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