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EXCLUSIVE: Selbrede and Phelps to lead ‘Hurt’

Craig Selbrede (left) and Anthony Phelps (right) will be fronting the dramedy webseries developed by Selbrede and Gilbey.

Hurt, the eclectic mental health dramedy developed by Craig Selbrede and Liam Gilbey, has officially announced its two leads. Selbrede himself, along with Anthony Phelps, take over the roles of Stone and Fin, respectively, after a lengthy casting search. Phelps has been attached to the production since March of this year, but was only recently moved into the role of Fin. Selbrede has, of course, been with the series since inception but only took on the role of Stone after exploring other options and going through some auditions of his own.

“I actually did a first self tape months ago that I don’t think anyone was too thrilled with,” Selbrede recounts. “After our last few leads on Stone ended, I gave it another shot and gave a performance I was much happier with. I am thrilled to be approaching this project from a new angle and I’m excited for you all to see what we have prepared.”

‘Hurt’ follows the complex friendship of two recent college graduates as they plan for their own deaths. It is most likely set to release in 2023.

Since the initial project announcement in January of 2022, the project has seen Sonia Forcada come on board as a co-showrunner. Producers include Maz Taylor, Benjamin McWhirter, and Cole Hediger, and directors include Forcada, Taylor, Gavin Matthew, and Cardo Wanzer.

Previously announced in starring roles are April Valentine as Bex, Kyra Radomsky as Quill, Julia Watson as Sara, and Jessica Yin as Andrea.

“I am so excited for the world to see the work Liam and I have done to tell an utterly unique story about mental illness” Selbrede said. “‘Hurt’ is a powerful, hilarious, heartstopping story about life and death and everything in between.”

For more information about ‘Hurt’, keep an eye on @accpubink @hurtwebseries and the Electric/Eccentric.

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