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Looking Forward: The Valley Chronicles: Tempest

Looking Forward / Looking Backwards is a series of articles discussing ACC PUB INK’s former and upcoming projects.


Tempest is coming, very, very slowly. But it’s coming, and it’s really messed up.

Here’s the thing: each book in The Valley Chronicles has had a very specific theme and purpose. Book One was about Despair, and holding onto yourself and goodness in times of war and distress. Book Two was about Ignorance, venturing beyond your comfort zone, and defining yourself.

Book Three is about Pain, and finding the strength to move on when everything that can go wrong goes wrong. Suffice to say its an exhausting book to write.

Book Three features four narrators- John, Violet, Hodgey, and a fourth narrator who will shock you. It begins with Hodgey creating a new Soldier of Sorrow, John attending his first school dance, and Violet reconnecting with old friends, and escalates from there. In terms of sheer scope and tragedy, this book is unique among the trilogy; And if my outline is to be believed, it’ll be pretty long.

The book covers a lot of ground, spreading from Avia to the Great City to new locations in the Valley, along with returns to some surprise locations from Quest, and a lot more time on Earth. Also, the city of Portland, Maine, is important.

Writing this book is difficult, as there is so much heartache and violence but I still don’t want the darkness to overwhelm the sense of humor which has defined the series. Because of this, Book Three might end up releasing later than expected, but I’m optimistic the wait will be worth it. I’m playing with splitting it up into two volumes or changing the ending.

Some other misc. teases:

  1. Book Two’s epilogue will be dealt with, but not how you expect.

  2. There will be a funeral.

  3. We meet Twiggy’s birth mother.

  4. Hope vs. Despair.

  5. A brand new Soldier of Sorrow.

  6. Pandora’s Box Opens.

  7. Our protagonists get betrayed by somebody you trust.

Signing off for now!

Craig Selbrede

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