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Starlight #15: Not of Blood

Cad (Narration): I’m learning things are rarely as simple as they appear.

Castor and Nala stare, stricken, at Mr. Emmens.

Nala: Malcolm was always an alien?

Mr. Emmems: Yes. He crashed in our yard as little more than an infant, and… we took him in.

Castor: You took in an alien as your son?

Mr. Emmens: He was just a child.

He looks away.

Mr. Emmens: And now he’s dead.

Nala: Holly saw you with alien technology though.

Mr. Emmens: We cannibalized portions of his ship and reverse engineered the tech. So far we’ve discovered a new source of energy, created anti-gravity pistols…. and so much more. But that’s not important. What’s important is that you let us discover who murdered our son privately. This investigation is a family matter.

He takes a deep breath.

Mr. Emmens: Somebody broke into my home, killed my son, stole an anti-gravity pistol, and–

Nala: …it was a rock.

Mr. Emmens: What?

Nala: A rock broke the window. It came from outside. But with an anti-gravity gun…

Mr. Emmens: …it could’ve been pulled from inside. What are you saying?

Nala: I’m saying you have the order wrong. Somebody stole an antigravity gun, killed your son, and used it to cover their tracks.

Mr. Emmens: That’s impossible. The only people who know about the alien technology are my wife and child–

His eyes widen.

Mr. Emmens: No.

Cad: Case in point.

Cad and Hunter rush back in the van, an urgency in the air.

Cad: Come on, come on, come on, pick up…

The telephone rings and rings.

Hunter: Nobody’s answering. Cad. You have to go ahead.

Cad: But–

Hunter: I’m right behind you. Go get them.

Reluctantly, Cad turns to Starlight, removing his clothes to reveal his costume. He flies into the air.

Cad: I’ll let you know what–

Hunter: Go!

We cut to Parker’s house. His family room is in ruins. Parker is hiding behind the couch as Millie approaches, anti-grav gun in hand.

Millie: Its a shame, Parker. For someone of your class, you were pretty handsome. Its a shame you know too much.

Parker: You don’t have to do this.

Millie: I don’t. I didn’t have to do any of this. I didn’t have to kill my brother. But it was for the greater good.

A disgusted look crosses her face.

Millie: I’m the real heir. He isn’t even of blood! But he was going to get the company. I just know it. Just because his grades were a little better.

Parker: Um… sorry?

Millie: Not as sorry as I am.

She raises the couch with the anti-grav gun and Parker scrambles out awkwardly. Eliza comes up behind her with a vase and tries to hit her on the head, but Millie whips around and slaps her away. The couch comes crashing down.

Millie: Now, where were–

Starlight crashes in through the door and stands between Millie and Eliza.

Starlight: Leave them alone.

Millie: A superhero. Cute.

Cad: Maybe I can talk her down.

Starlight: It’s too late, um, ma’am. By now the truth has come out.

Millie: Oh, really? You expect me to believe–

Her phone rings. She glances down. It’s her Dad. Millie goes pale.

Millie: No…

Starlight: Sorry.

Millie: Oh well. My father always was sentimenal and weak.

She whips around and hits Parker with the anti-grav gun. He starts falling upwards.

Parker: Augh!

Eliza and Cad: Parker!

Starlight streaks up after Parker as he crashes through the roof and goes tumbling towards the heavens. He powers after him, just a little behind, just a little too slow…

Cad: Come on, come on, come on…

He burst ahead and grabs Parker.

Parker: Cad! I’m still falling up!

Cad: I noticed!

Cad tries to fly downward but they remain stuck, cancelling each other out.

Millie stalks towards Eliza down below.

Millie: Sorry darling, it’s time for you too.

Eliza glances at something over Millie’s shoulder and Millie turns, only to be punched in the face, hard, by Nala.

Nala: I always thought you were a b****.

Castor scrambles in, Mr. Emmens behind them.

Mr. Emmens: Millicent! What have you done!

Millie: What I had to.

Castor: No offense, but that seems like 100% untrue.

We cut back to Cad and Parker. Cad’s failing and they’re tumbling upwards.

Parker: Leave me, dude! Save yourself!

Cad: I think I can breathe in space.

Parker: Good for you!

Cad: Park, if this is it… you’re the best friend I’ve ever–

Parker: What the ****?

Cad: I said, you’re the best friend I’ve ever–

Parker: No, look!

A shadow falls over them. Another spaceship sits above them, identical to the one in Littleville, except not torn to pieces.

Cad: Well, that’s new.

A tractor beam comes out of the spaceship and tugs them in. Everything goes black.

We cut back down to below.

Millie: You never loved me, Dad. I wasn’t special. Not like him.

Mr. Emmens: That’s unfair and you know it.

Millie: I don’t know anything of the sort.

Nala: It’s over, Millie. Give it up.

Millie: Not even close–

Suddenly, there is a flash of light. The room is filled with a crew of aliens, the same species as Mal was, along with Starlight and Parker.

Millie: What the–

Mr. Emmens: Augh!

Castor: Holy–

Starlight: Everyone, calm down.

Parker: They… come in peace.

The aliens say something unintelligible.

Starlight: They’ve come here looking for their lost grandchild.

Parker: We, uh, told them the truth, and uh…

One of the aliens steps forward, and abruptly, hugs Mr. Emmens. Tears stream down both of their cheeks.

Alien: thank you.

Mr. Emmens: …

They separate.

Starlight: They appreciate everything you did for Malcolm.

Mr. Emmens: But I couldn’t protect him.

Starlight: They know. Which is why they want her.

Everyone turns to Millie.

Millie: What? I–?

The aliens say something again.

Parker: They say they won’t hurt her. They just want to help her like you helped him.

Starlight: They forgive her. But she still needs to see what she’s done.

Millie: Don’t be ridiculous, I…

Mr. Emmens: How do I know I can trust them?

Cad shrugs.

Starlight: They saved us.

Cad: Like I said, things are rarely what they seem. And things can always get weirder.

We watch as the aliens take a furious Millie onto their ship, even as a distraught Mr. Emmens watches.

Cad: And nothing is weirder than family.

Parker’s dad comes home and sees the mess.

Parker’s Dad: Parker…..!

Parker’s dad marches upstairs, makes a beeline to Parker, and…

Parker: Dad, I–

…hugs him.

Cad: They come in all sorts.

Castor is sitting in his home when suddenly a butler pokes their head in.

Butler: Master DuPont? Your parents would like to talk.

Castor: I’m not interested in whatever they have to–

Butler: They say they know you know. And it’s time you learned about the family business.

Castor looks surprised.

Cad: And I guess that’s what we are.

Team Starlight gathers in Parker’s home, helping to patch it up. They share small smiles as they work.

Cad: A family. Does Team Starlight need to exist? Absolutely not. But I’m glad it does.

Next: Five By One!

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