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The Entire First Season of the 100% Student-Produced SciFi Epic “two” is now bingeable!

Well, that was a mouthful but it’s all true. Through dedication and sheer force of will a group of friends and strangers came together with zero experience or budget to produce a thrilling, hilarious 10 episode scifi comedy.

A brief synopsis of the show: Scout Stevens (C.J. Selbrede), a cynical and selfish stoner, and Angelica Cooper (Cristin Von Schlag), a compassionate and dedicated AP student, find their lives irrevocably altered when they awaken to a mysteriously changed world– One where they share their lives with fraternal twins, Sawyer Stevens (Jordan Lowman) and Andrew Cooper (Joey Heitzmann). Aided by the mysterious Kayden Cooper (Emily O’Keefe), Scout and Angelica attempt to unravel an age-old conspiracy while avoiding the clutches of the violent Knife Man (Matthew Island) hunting them.

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