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Looking Forward/Looking Backward: Squirrel Academy

Looking Forward / Looking Backwards is a series of articles discussing ACC PUB INK’s former and upcoming projects.


One of my favorite strips of the current ‘Season’.

Squirrel Academy has been, oddly, one of my success stories. Kind of. It’s all relative.

I am so, so far from an artist, and my handwriting isn’t exactly wonderful either, so I was almost certain Squirrel Academy would fail. In a strange twist, however, it ended up working okay. I have an okay string of Instagram subscribers, and I was able to move on from one-off black and white strips to the full-color Serial, The Castle of Carnage Island.

I’ve been a bit overly ambitious in terms of spacing out the strips, attempting to alternate weekly between one strip and two, but the end result has been normally a month of activity, a month of break, a month of activity, etc. I haven’t figured out if I’m okay with this or if I want to drop down to a more manageable level of expectation.

At the time of writing this (February 2, 2018) I already have four fully written, drawn, and inked strips lined up, I just need to color them, which is oddly exhausting. So Carnage Island is definitely continuing, even if I’ve been putting off the debut of its titular location due to how bad I am at landscapes. However, I have a whole backlog of comics I’ll have to upload to Instagram, which I conveniently forgot about recently due to their irritating lack of a queuing feature. Look for updates on that.

So, yeah. This sort of worked. And I’m okay with that.

See ya,


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