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Looking Forward: two

Looking Forward / Looking Backwards is a series of articles discussing ACC PUB INK’s former and upcoming projects.


Coming this April (hopefully) from INKblot Press is AC3’s first webseries: two.

Scout Stevens (C.J. Selbrede), a cynical and selfish stoner, and Angelica Cooper (Cristin Von Schlag), a compassionate and dedicated AP student, find their lives irrevocably altered when they awaken to a mysteriously changed world– One where they share their lives with fraternal twins, Sawyer Stevens (Jordan Lowman) and Andrew Cooper (Joey Heitzmann). Aided by the mysterious Kayden Cooper (Emily O’Keefe), Scout and Angelica attempt to unravel an age-old conspiracy while avoiding the clutches of the violent Knife Man (Matthew Island) hunting them.

The series is produced under INKblot due to some mature themes and language. If completed, the project will air its 8 episodes over the course of 9-10 weeks this Spring. While a second season was planned, it will likely not be produced due to a lack of time for production.

Yes, I am crediting myself as C.J. Selbrede. It’s a little bit of fun I’m having with my three roles, crediting my acting as C.J. Selbrede, writing as C.M. Selbrede, and producing/directing under Craig Selbrede. I think it’s funny. Your disdain is noted.

Anyway, if I sound tired because of this project it’s because I am. This show has been a nightmare to produce, and has the blood, sweat, and tears of myself, Cristin, and so many others in it. Also, none of us are really actors except for Joey so get ready for that.

I’m excited. Hopefully you are two. Learn more here:

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