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2020 Round-Up: Webseries, Novels, & More…

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Hey guys! So this blog has been on hiatus for a bit, only pumping out Starlight and Anna Farmer, and starting 2020 that… probably won’t change. Between school and my other projects, I’ve been too busy to create sustained content for this medium. What other projects, you might ask?

The Valley Chronicles: Tempest

Yes, this is still coming, and it still has a beautiful set of covers by Jenette Harris, editing has just been a very different process this time around. My original editors were unable to contribute this time around and so now a wonderful family friend is taking a pass at it. It’s just the nature of self-publishing that things like this crop out, but I’m confident it’ll be out by mid-2020, and I can FINALLY move on.

The Outsiders Club

I am working on a fourth novel, a loose spin-off of the Valley Chronicles, and hopefully it’ll be done by 2021. Early editors have enjoyed it a lot, but I haven’t been working on it as much between school and…

Cedric Clarke & the Unsettling Dark

…the brand new series I’m working on, Cedric Clarke! Though this project is less ambitious than the failed “two Season 2”, it still is a complex and, frankly, expensive, endeavor. I’m confident those who loved two and Makeshift will enjoy the latest entry in the mature INKblot Press imprint. There’s a lot to look forward to with this project and as part of my new programming scheme, you’ll hear more about it soon enough.

EVerything Else

I hope to have material on this blog with a little more regularity within the new year. I have zero expectations for Squirrel Academy any more, but who knows, it could always revive. And that’s basically the breadth of the projects I’m working on right now.

Thank you all for following me through all of this, I hope to have new materials and stories to share with you soon!

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