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ACC 20/20!

It’s that time of year when I announce my upcoming projects and the central messages inspiring and linking them. Unfortunately, the unexpected cancellation of two renders this year’s offerings a little smaller in scale. That’s okay. We work with what we’ve got. So, without further ado…

Logo made with Logomakr back when I thought it would be a bigger thing and not like two things

ACC 20/20 is about truth- truths we know, truths we don’t, truths we hide from ourselves and those around us. This theme is going to be explored in a variety of projects, including new items and continuations of ongoing projects.

New items include:

  1. The Outsiders Club- The long-teased YA series finally makes its debut this year! A small-town murder mystery has big stakes for Marina, Ashley, Lilianna, and Sally, who face a menace from their complicated pasts.

  2. Squirrel Academy makes its triumphant return featuring a brand new origin story and the bright and bold colors of Lexxi Skochinski! It’s currently projected for September but it will probably be delayed to October or November.

Continuing projects include:

  1. Anna, Farmer- The monthly serial continues as we explore Anna McDermott, her furry friends, and the menace of the man who refers to himself as “Uncle Sam”! Upon its completion, look for this utterly unique children’s tale to be published as a novel.

  2. Starlight- My “comic book” will continue to publish back issues on this blog as Team Starlight faces a number of mysteries and struggles to uncover the secret of Cadmus’ lost memory.

  3. Electric/Eccentric will also return for a new season of original content, and will wrap up its current season in September!

AC3 in general will be dialing back content during the new year. Don’t expect to see much new there besides the occasional updates related to my books- I need a break from YouTube. It’s not a medium I’ve had a ton of success in and I think I’ll do better refocusing on literature. So no Self-Shame. Sorry.

So there you go! A smaller scale, focused initiative of new content for my 20th year of life!

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