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ACC 2017: 10 Months Later…


In November of 2016, I announced ACC 2017, a mission statement for ACC Pub Ink’s coming year. Ten months later, the days ticking down to the reveals for ACC 2018, I can say that the year has been full of both successes, failures, and everything in between. I’d like to take this moment to run through the official projects and update everybody on their current status.


The Valley Chronicles: Revised Editions


The Valley Chronicles, my first novel, was released in January 2016.  While it was a major accomplishment for me, I knew both then and now that the novel was far from perfect. This was why I wanted to make revisions a priority. (That, and the website address listed within the current edition was co-opted by a Teak Shower Mat company).

The new editions of The Valley Chronicles (Revised, Library, and Deluxe) are all still coming with a projected Spring 2018 release date. We’ve gotten bogged down in editing but we have some exciting plans, including brand new cover art for the hardcover editions. (Don’t worry- the paperbacks will keep their current artwork).

The Valley Chronicles: Quest


As I’m sure everybody has noticed, The Valley Chronicles: Quest successfully released a few months ago! It was a ton of fun to write and edit and is, without a doubt, the best thing I’ve done yet. Sales have unfortunately been slow, especially in comparison to the first book (which is crazy since Book II is way better) but I’m optimistic. With this book, I made it clear that I’m serious about my writing, and that The Valley Chronicles trilogy will be something to remember.

If you haven’t picked up a copy yet, I recommend though Amazon and B&N also have copies.

The Creativity Company


To be blunt- The Creativity Co. is dead. Firstly, the amazing Luke and Gaby moved away, and even if they hadn’t the project just wasn’t working out. I quietly removed TCC from ACC Pub Ink’s website a few months ago, and I’ve cancelled any future videos.

But this isn’t the end, not really. I’m determined to expand my nonexistent reach into YouTube, a medium I think is amazing, I’m just taking a different approach. 3×3 is filling the void left by this project while it stews in development, and I have to say, I’m pretty fond of this book. In this regard, things worked out for the best.

Squirrel Academy

I’m going to be honest- this was the project I was convinced would flop. However, through some weird fluke of fate, Squirrel Academy has proved reasonably successful and incredibly cathartic to work on. My initial strips were colorless and gross, and my current strips are poorly colored and gross, but I can see myself growing as a comics creator and I’m really enjoying the chance to tell these stories.

This month, Squirrel Academy is beginning its first serial strip, and I don’t expect anything to slow down from there. To catch up on the journey, check out the official website here.

The Outsiders Club

The Outsiders Club is the project I revealed the least about. It’s a soft spinoff of The Valley Chronicles, a brand new series about a group of kids in a New York small town discovering alarming truths about their parents’ legacies.  With Quest delayed, Outsiders’ Club had its release date pushed back.

I’m still working hard on it, but ACC 2018 prep has kept it from its place at the top of my to do list. But it’s still coming- and man, am I excited.

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