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ACC in 2019

For the past two years I’ve organized upcoming projects into initiatives– first ACC 2017 and then ACC 2018. That is not the case this year. Read on to learn why and what you can expect during the 2018-19 creative cycle.


ACC 2017 & 2018 – In Memory

Before I explain where I’m going in 2019, I want to take a quick moment to discuss why I’ve done things the way I have for the past two years.

Basically, ACC 2017 started as a combination publicity stunt/way of organizing myself. It was just as much to garner attention for my things as it was a way for me to make a promise to myself to try to… well… try things. And in the end, it worked. Without ACC 2017 and ACC 2018, I don’t know if I would have dipped my toes into blogging, webcomics, or, perhaps most exhaustingly, producing/writing/acting in a webseries. Which is hard, by the way.

But with all of this, Senior Year, and hockey, I fell behind on some other things which are important to me, most importantly the third and final book in The Valley Chronicles. The fact is, the initiatives gave me the opportunity to push myself creatively. I don’t need that anymore.

In about a month, I will be leaving for college. At Bates, I will be pushing myself and trying new things almost every day, and I need the bandwidth for that. So it makes sense to me that I should take the next year to focus on tying up loose threads from the last few years instead of starting something new.

That doesn’t mean new things won’t show up– I definitely have some cool ideas– but the fact is that I have a ton of backlog from last year, and it would be stupid not to focus on catching up. So, yeah. That’s where that is.

ACC in 2019 – What’s Coming

Coming 2018

  1. November 9- two premieres! Over a year of work culminates in a 10-episode season of our comedy sci-fi thriller, and the first entry into ACC’s mature label, INKblot Press. Each episode is about 30-60 minutes, so it’s been a hefty undertaking that I’m excited to show everybody. Expect to see more coverage on this soon and please follow us on Instagram at @twowebseries !

  2. December- The Valley Chronicles: Tempest Act One’s eBook will hopefully premiere around then. In case you need a recap, #TVCBook3 is looking pretty long, so the first half will be premiering as an eBook in 2018, with the conclusion and the entire story in a physical book coming in 2019 with any luck.

Coming 2019

  1. January- Ideally, Makeshift will come earlier, but I’m being pessimistic and expecting that my oddly popular novella will premiere then. It’s a pretty book, coming with a pretty cover from Gaby Stratmann, and while it is short it’s been known to pack a punch, so be warned. Makeshift also falls under INKblot Press, so consider that before offering it to your kids.

  2. April- Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the completed The Valley Chronicles: Tempest will drop around now, bringing my first book series to a close and launching something a lot bigger.

Undated Projects

  1. This blog will be taking an indefinite hiatus before relaunching with consistent content, as I’ve reached the end of my queue.

  2. Hardcover editions of all three Valley Chronicles book, with astonishing cover art by Jenette Harris, will be dropping sometime in this period.

  3. I expect to start posting at least once a month on my channel during 2019.

  4. The Outsiders Club, a Valley Chronicles spinoff, and some other novels are in development. They might arrive more in the range of “ACC 2020”.


  1. Yeah, so, as it stands right now, Squirrel Academy won’t be returning for the upcoming year due to the lack of scanners and such in my dorm. I’m experimenting with digital art though, so never say never.

  2. The “Deluxe Editions” for my books are cancelled because I woke up one day and realized nobody cared nor should they. The Library Editions/Hardcovers are still coming, as noted above.

  3. More INKblot stuff is in development, but could manifest as anything from novellas to novels to podcasts.


I’ll be dropping a shiny new schedule, with some more details on my weekly stuff and the status of the serial stories and stuff. Thanks to anyone who read this and is taking the time to check out my stuff. I appreciate it.


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