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ACC in 2019: May

In May, a brand new season of blogging content from Electric/Eccentric premieres, including more poetry, short stories, Anna Farmer, and Starlight! Meanwhile, learn my Top 5 Comics of 2018, get a closer look at the city of Portland and what it means for The Valley Chronicles: Tempest, check out more of ACC Cinematic’ inaugural season of content and get a look at what’s coming in June!

  1. Thursday, May 2nd- “Issue #2: Hard Lessons” (Starlight)

  2. Monday, May 6th- “My Favorite Comics of 2018” (Opinion)

  3. Monday, May 13th- “Fall of the Infinite City” (Short Story)

  4. Thursday, May 16th- “Chapter II: Gifted & Talented” (Anna, Farmer)

  5. Sunday, May 19th- “Exploring Portland” (The Valley Chronicles: Tempest Preview)

  6. Monday, May 20th- “Starlight” (Poem)

  7. Sunday, May 26th- “First World Problems” (Self-Shame)

  8. Monday, May 27th- “Issue #3: The Lost” (Starlight)

  9. Thursday, May 30th- “June ’19” (ACC in 2019 Inventory)

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