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Announcement: End of an Era

Adjusting to college has been, well, a thing. As mentioned earlier, my attempts to juggle working on schoolwork, The Valley Chronicles: Tempest, two, rugby, hockey, Electric/Eccentric, AC3, and all my other self-inflicted projects has been driving me insane.

two returns Friday, January 4th.

College has been a very different experience, so it is only natural that I find different ways to tackle my projects. I really enjoy this blog, and I’ve endeavored to keep it running consistently since I launched it in August of 2017, but quality is more important than quality, and so I have decided to place Electric/Eccentric on an indefinite hiatus, similar to Squirrel Academy and Self-Shame are currently experiencing.

That doesn’t mean I’m giving up– the fact is that it is a better use of time to focus on completing my webseries and trilogy rather than force myself to churn out poetry and short stories I don’t have time for. Therefore I am going to experiment with a “Seasonal” model for the blog that, if successful, I will apply to AC3 and Squirrel Academy.

What this means is that I am retroactively classifying the past 16 months of Electric/Eccentric under two “Seasons”, and scheduling to resume the blog for a period of three-six months in the future for a third season. Basically:

  1. Season 1 covered August ’17 to March ’18. This period had Squirrel Academy besides the usual poetry and short stories.

  2. Season 2 covered April ’18 to December ’18. This period had several opinion pieces in addition to fiction and poetry.

  3. Season 3 will begin sometime in 2019 and will feature the remainder of Anna Farmer besides the usual content.

Actual dates for Season 3 of Electric/Eccentric, along with potential continuations of my other projects, will be forthcoming. To anyone who takes the time to follow my stuff, if such a person exists, thanks so much for your patience and I’ll see you in the new year.


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