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General Announcements!

Spring 2011 Living Human Timeline 518.JPG

As my supply of old short stories runs dry, I’ve had to start wracking my brain for a feature to replace them. I’m happy to announce several features heading to the blog in early 2018!

Looking Backward/Looking Forward

LB/LF is a short essayish series coming to Electric/Eccentric, basically running through the ACC 2017 & ACC 2018 projects and their various statuses. Expect some behinds the scenes content and fun secrets!

Serialized Fiction

I’m looking at bringing serialized fiction to Electric/Eccentric, probably releasing a chapter every two weeks.  The two projects I’m considering for this format are Wallis & Cade, a fairly mature high school bit of realistic fiction, and Anna Farmer, a whimsical kids tale based on a game my sisters and I used to play.

More Short Stories

Yeah, I have more short stories, most of which I don’t plan on publishing because either A) they’re horrible and from elementary school or B) I need to touch them up a bit. Stories in the latter category have a higher percentage of showing up, such as Makeshift.


I’m looking at bringing back reviews and keeping the poetry around for a while longer. I’ll also probably do more “Opinion” pieces, which should be fun. Oh yeah, and, Squirrel Academy is coming back. Sorry for the delay.

Thanks for hanging around,


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