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Looking Forward: The Outsiders Club

Looking Forward / Looking Backwards is a series of articles discussing ACC PUB INK’s former and upcoming projects.


This year, The Valley Chronicles trilogy will be wrapping up which means a) Sweet relief b) college and c) the start of something very new.

If things go well, The Valley Chronicles‘s sister series- The Outsiders Club– will launch around the same time as Tempest. It shares DNA with TVC, and maybe even a few characters, but it is its own beast, and you can read it without reading about good ol’ John and Violet in the Valley.

The Outsiders Club is a story about legacy, family, and identity. Where TVC focused on morality, conflict, and personal choice, TOC focuses on the parts of life we can’t choose- our family, our past, our blood- and how they impact our life. TOC is designed as a five-book series, beginning this year with The Outsiders Club and concluding in 2022 with Book Five.

TOC is based on a series I wrote with Clara Selbrede, Zoe Traub, and Samantha Kadlec in 2nd Grade, and is about a group of friends connected by an unexpected set of paranormal events.

Marina Okendale has lived in the quiet, close-knit town of Golden Springs since the accident, spending the days with her eccentric Aunt Emma and unexpected best friend, Ashley, a fellow orphan with a similarly bizarre past. When a set of accidents and murders beset their small town, they find themselves inextricably linked to Lilianna, a mysterious girl hiding a dark agenda, and Sally, a quirky rich girl who’s seen something like this before. Together, the four girls must face their shared traumas and discover their place in a centuries-old conflict in this story of identity, legacy, and family.

So… yeah. This is happening, and it’s going to be a lot of fun. More news coming out soonish!


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