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Spring Cleaning & Updates!


Activity on this blog has slowed to a crawl as of late, which has a lot to do with a) finals b) the hellish production of two‘s pilot and c) the fact that I’m graduating in maybe like 48 hours? Crazy.

So, yeah, things have been hectic, and things are changing, and I felt it was a good time to let everyone know where I stand.

I’ve been ambitious these past few months and have promised a lot of things. Here’s a brief statement of where most of these things are:

The Valley Chronicles: Tempest

Tempest isn’t as far along as I’d like to be, but it is coming. The third and final book in The Valley Chronicles Trilogy, Tempest is a unique challenge due to its heavy subject matter, dizzying array of plot twists, and extensive cast. For a while, I considered splitting Tempest into two books, but that didn’t end up feeling appropriate. Though it is a long story, it is still clearly a single story. So I found a compromise.

If you guys remember, Quest was split into 3 parts (What You Know, What You Don’t, and What You Are). Tempest, on the other hand, will be divided into two acts, each with 3-4 parts contained. For example, Act One of Tempest will contain parts entitled “Homecoming”, “Hope Against Hope”, and “Darker Days” among others.

Since Tempest is turning out to be so gosh-darned long, I think I might end up releasing Act One alone as an eBook when it is available in, maybe, September? And follow it up with an eBook of Act Two and the paperback/hardcover editions of the entire thing in January or February. Hopefully that’s cool.


My most ambitious project, two has taken a heckton of time and even more effort. My webseries suffered due to an insanely difficult time mobilizing actors as several quit, pulled us around for a few months and quit, or had to delay production due to extracurriculars. In the end, however, a satisfying cast fell into place and we were able to produce a 48.5 minute pilot episode, comprising parts 1 and 2 of our 10 part story.

And honestly? It was awesome. Good effects, music, and a great cast. I’m really proud of what we accomplished.

Though I remain skeptical that we’ll be able to finish this out, the cast and crew want to give it a shot and I’ve greenlit the filming of the other 8 episodes. We’ll see if it pans out.


That brings us to this blog, which has been underproducing lately. I’ve been releasing poems as promised but the short stories/serial stories I’ve promised just haven’t been coming. Sorry about that. I’ll let y’all know if I plan to bring them back or just drop them soon. Either way I need to improve the blog’s traffic.

The Outsiders Club

Still happening. Still behind Tempest. Stay tuned.

Deluxe Editions

As you all hopefully saw, the library edition for The Valley Chronicles was released a bit ago and it looks great! Although I’ve yet to get it into any actual libraries. Woops. Deluxe Editions are also coming, hopefully with more shiny new covers and special features, but, again, I’ve been behind.

Squirrel Academy

I haven’t posted Carnage Island in a while because in the past few months I’ve only done two more strips. I’m honestly anticipating dropping the webcomic, as much as I enjoy it I am not an artist and it is definitely beyond me.


ACC Cinematic has been tied up by two, since if I’ve had time to make videos I’ve been using it for the pilot. That might change, it might not. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading. Sorry for being such a mess right now. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to consume my stuff.


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