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The Valley Chronicles (Second Edition) is Now Available!

I recently realized that through all the hell and hubbub of Senior Year, I neglected to mention that the long-promised second edition of The Valley Chronicles was recently released, rendering the first edition out of print! I’ll explain exactly what that means below.


Lying horizontally is one old edition (top) and one new edition (middle).

What’s a ‘Second Edition’?

A Second Edition is a revised version of a previously published story, often touched up due to errors or improvements in the author’s style.

What Changed?

Mostly, I fixed punctuation and grammar errors. A few smaller details shifted, however, and some short passages were rewritten. I also removed insects from the Valley. It made my head hurt too much.

Can I Still Buy the First Edition?

Not for much longer. I have… what, five or six, maybe, left? And then it’s on to the new edition. So if you’re into that whole “Original” thing, buy it from me now.

How Do I Tell the Difference?

It’s simple- first editions have gray text on the spine while newer ones have white text. This is an easy distinguishing change I made so the book would match Quest better.

That’s the gist of it! You can buy the second edition from Amazon, Lulu, Barnes & Noble, or Apple iBooks, and the first edition is still available for a limited time from me!


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